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Design Workshop (based on the book) 

Design a Better Business • new tools, skills, and mindset for strategy and innovation

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Future Goals for, a 501c3 non-profit

The mission statement is:

Art expressed in a way that promotes tolerance and peace in diverse global communities. The conservation of the arts, in a manner that preserves our global heritage. 

Read the introduction on your own page 9 to 45

Here are some outline notes that may be helpful

page 9 to 11

1-   We live in uncertain times, but there are opportunities to be taken.

2-   Design is learnable and repeatable allowing for the creation of new business models while learning how to use Design tools that will help us achieve this work.

3-   We will learn to approach problems in a systematic way that focuses on Doing rather than planning and predictions.

4-   Design empowers us to see new possibilities. It is a process and mindset.

5-   Iteration

a-   start with a point of view

b-   observe the world

c-   create options and execute the best ones.


Review of pages 12 to 13 - 7 skills we want to have

1- Observe your customer. What are the questions we need to ask?

2- Work Visually, try to use pictures, sketches etc. to document, gain clarity, anchor ideas.

3- Work together with other people, increases insights

4- Stories are important in helping communicate. Use them and create them.

5- Start, but do not rush into building the product or coming to a solution, 

6- Set up small experiments. Try to learn from doing. Reality is different from what you assume.

7- Nothing is certain. Things are always changing. Except this and use it as an opportunity. Embrace Uncertainty. 


page 18 - 21

Overview: These pages provide an introduction to the concepts of Point of View, Understand, Ideate, Prototype, and Validate.

Important Quotes:

• Designers are always thinking about the customer.

• Informed by Design tools like; UNDERSTAND, IDEATE, PROTOTYPE, VALIDATE

• Designers continually iterate to uncover new opportunities within the fog of uncertainty

1- Put the person you are designing for at the center and connect the design tools, practices, and processes

2- There is a continuous search for new customers, value propositions, and business models  with business execution and scale

3- It is your job to consider the person you are designing for


page 26 to 27

     The Main idea of these two pages is to Prepare to Work in a way that will increase the changes of Success.

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Being Organized
Please read the introduction to this book on your own page 9 to 45, then click on the link below to take you to the page where we started our brainstorming work.

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