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Our Mission • Education is a Solution

Using Arts to Education we can Change the world.

Unknow Author

Through education and appreciation of the Arts and Cultures of the diverse societies that make up the human race, we build the bridges of empathy and compassion for each other.


Indifference and hatred are replaced with respect and interest in learning how we are the same and yet appear different on some levels. The basic core of what it means to be human transcends all our differences. We all want to live in a safe, peaceful way with our physical needs for food and shelter taken care of, and access to education and healthcare for our families.


“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Everyone living on the planet Earth will benefit from the change of consciousness. History has shown us that 1% of a group of people can impact the 99%. We do not need to affect the whole world to have an influence on the whole world. When distortion of ideas and core beliefs are held up to the light of reason and love, their power is lost. These changes are permanent. Once their effects are felt, there is no going back to the ignorance and pain of the distorted beliefs. To change what is the current reality, we must take our attention away from the things and qualities that we no longer desire to exhibit and put our thoughts and feelings on the higher qualities we wish to create. War and violence creates more of the same, better to envision a world of happy, educated people treating each other with love, respect and compassion.

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