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What is our Point of View - Vision - What is our story. 

Our Mission Statement: Art expressed in a way that Promotes tolerance and peace in diverse global communities. The conservation of the arts, in a manner that preserves our global heritage.

Write something about what we could possibly do in the world to promote our mission goals.


Albert Einstein said “ We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Our thoughts and core beliefs have created the world that we are living in now, and when these change, the world around us will automatically change. 1% of a group of people can impact the 99%.  The Arts, are extremely powerful communication tools can change the thinking of humanity, and the natural transition of humanity into a Global Village.

We can sponsor a contest to stimulates the creation of artistic projects on this subject. Collaborating with schools we have contests were children explore the idea of living in a peaceful world. We may have a better chance to affect children, then adults who are more set in their ideas and ways. We can use social media, Pinterest and Instagram to exhibit the artwork and expand its reach.

We sponsor the development of computer games, instead of shooting them up games, we develop games that teach people how to interact with Love and Caring, which includes Tolerance.

If our Vision is: " We can change the World" In a world with so much apathy and people think the world problems are so big, how can we make a difference?


In order to change the world, we have to start with ourselves. How about a platform where new people testify daily how they have made a positive impact either for themselves, for another or others? Maybe these daily testimonies involve an expression of art that impacts in a positive way (could be artistic gifts of kindness towards oneself, another or others, upcycling projects, Mural projects throughout the world that stems from Art and Tolerance, etc.)


I like this idea. It can also include examples of successful art projects that brought about positive change in the world and key messages about the power of art to bring about positive change.

A Facebook group or blog can be a starting point.


I agree with the point that it is the young people we need to change. This is a very difficult challenge because the issue of people respecting each other varies so widely around the world. We know some about conflicts in the United States (US) and less about the challenges that are even deeper outside the US. Even between the states in the US, we don’t know the priority of the challenges specific to each state. 


Therefore I think we need to brainstorm about issues in the US and more specifically about the local issues in our area to gain experience. We might think about partnering with the Faith Community and Social Justice advocates in our local area. These groups are probably already connected to some of the problems of intolerance such as racism, religious bias on beliefs and dress, homelessness, gender issues, and others. Where we differ and can add to the local groups dealing with these items we are approaching from an art perspective.


This is a big challenge and I think the only thing we can do is to try to take on some of the issues and make incremental improvements. 


In regards to your comments, Bob maybe we can set the project up in such a way that each city/state/province/country can express their art contributions in such a way that it expresses their local issues.

And then Elizabeth joined our group and we had our first project to come out of the Design Workshop.

Thinking that since I work with all kinds of community leaders, faith groups, environmental and social justice organizations that we can come together to create gardens that incorporate outdoor art that represent those values of tolerance, culture diversity, compassion, and engages community... For example, in the next month or so we'll be designing the gardens for Sacred Heart Community Service (SHCS)... This will be an opportunity for us to work together in the best way in putting these ideas on a hands-on, participatory and visual experience that will come alive when implemented. Imagine the hundreds of folks who depend on SHCS' services being welcomed with messages of acceptance, dignity, and love when they pick up food to feed their children, blankets to stay warm, a voucher to pay their energy bill, and doing so with dignity. This also while enjoying the beauty, a message of hope, an environment full of life for other creature as part of our web of life. Imagine the hundreds of people engage with messages of peace and connection with not only our humanity but also our natural world. I'm seeing this as a possibility... I'll also be inviting my friend Paul Gonzalez, a great muralist based in San José.


The People in the Group Are:

Joyce Steinfeld  Artist and Sculptor •

Bob Steinfeld retired Apple Engineer, First Robotics Volunteer, etc.  

Sonia Dhami Executive Director Sikh Foundation •

Itzik Nir Oracle Engineer and Board Member of Shir Hadash

Elizabeth Sarmiento •

Interested in learning more about Design Thinking, you can look at this group at Stanford:

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